American Flyer Displays & History

Wanamaker's - Philadelphia, PA

The name Wanamaker's is most closely associated with Philadelphia where they had their flagship store.  The photos below show several views of the toy department of this store.  There was no information on the reverse of these photos that would give any information as to the date of the layout, but in the photo of what appears to be a test track, you can see a mirror image of the New York City display, which is dated as 1947.   From this, I would conclude that the images here are probably from the same year.   The Display is definitely prior to 1950 as no diesels are visible and there is no rubber roadbed, which marked most post 1950 displays.

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Closeup of Big Layout
The Large Layout Close Up

Full view of big layout
Full View of the Large Layout

Smaller layout-test track
The Smaller Layout-Test Track
This is a mirror image of a similar display at the Wanamaker's store in New York City
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Erector Display

Erector Display

Science Toys Display

Another view of Science Toys Display