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American Flyer Displays

Color Logo of 2nd Floor Crossover Bridge

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Factory Layout Displays For information about the factory displays sold to dealers
Static Displays For store salesdisplays
Hall of Science Layouts For information on all the Hall of Science Layouts, including the "Super Layout" on the1st floor and the massive 2nd floor sales layout.
Department Store Layouts Information on many custom built department store layouts
Promotional Layouts Information on layouts used in advertising, including those appearing on television in the 1950's
Layout in a Box Traces the development of the idea of merchandising a full complete sceniced layout as an initial purchase.
Layout Memories Recollections by Flyer collectors and others about their memories of the historic layouts they were fortunate enough to see as children.
Display Catalogs Lists of display related American Flyer catalogs available here or on other websites
Bibliography A list of articles and sources about the information on this website
Preserving History This website isn't finished. Help us by adding your knowledge.   Look here to see a few of the questions that need answering.
Our Contributors A very important section listing the names of the individuals who generously shared their collections and knowledge, making this website what it is today.
A website dedicated to preserving the history of the great American Flyer train displays of the mid 20th century.  It features illustrations of the factory displays sold to dealers and links to the display catalogs sent to dealers.  Track plans for many of the  layouts are included in the form of illustrations and a RRTrack file for use with that software.  The website also features photos and catalog illustrations of the New York Gilbert Hall of Science layouts, including the famous second floor layout.