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1956 402 Action Display 8X8
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Display Contents
Item Type
Item No Description
Train Sets K5375W Diesel Passenger Train
K5358W Steam Freight Train
Track 700 Straight Track (22)
701 Straight Track (4)
702 Curved Track (25
726 Straight Rubber Roadbed (24)
727 Curved Rubber Roadbed (25
720A Pair of Remote Control Switches
Transformers 4B 75 Watt Transformers (2)
Accessories 566 Remote Control Whistle
586F Wayside Station
593 Signal Tower
706 Remote Uncoupler
755A Talking Station
760 Flasher Signal
K766 Animated Station & Coach
767 Roadside Diner
768 Oil Supply Depot
769A Revolving Aircraft Beacon
K771 Operating Stockyard & Car
772 Water Towers (2)