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1957 28191 DSC Flyerama Display (also known as Gifts Galore Prize Drawing Display)
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Gifts Galore Display
Photo courtesy of Bob Horton

This display sold on Ebay in 2012 for almost $7,000.  At the time I first saw it, I had no idea what "Gifts Galore" was.  Since that time, Paul Ambrose has written an excellent article which appears in the October 2013 issue of the Train Collectors Quaterly (Vol. 59, No. 4) in which he provides much information on the Druggists Service Council, which created promotions for their members under the Gifts Galore name. 1 A link to the article is provided in the note below.  Paul's article, containing many illustrations, covers all of the promotions, including this one, which was the only one involving Gilbert products.  From the display, it is clear that this was a prize in a drawing, as it advertised that there is "nothing to buy."  I am sure that there are relatively few of these displays containing all of the items of the set and even fewer in such good condition.   It is quite possible that when these sets were won, the lucky recipients took the merchandise and discarded the store display.

These displays are considered to be "Flyerama Displays".  For more details, see the second note below.


1 "Gifts Galore"  - Galore, by Paul Ambrose - Train Collector's Quarterly, Fall 2013, Vol. 59, No. 4, page 12  Link to this issue and article in the TCQ (available to TCA members only)

2  S Gaugian Magazine, May-June 2004, Flyerama Displays - American Flyer Collectors Column, by Robert Tufts, pages 40-41