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None Roundhouse Style HO Display
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HO-38-800.jpg (260714 bytes)
Photo courtesy of Bill Drake

This is one of the earliest Gilbert Displays of which I am aware.  Bill Drake, who provided this photo informs me that the actual photo has "1938" lettered on the back and it was with photos of other 1938 displays.    A 1938 date is consistent with the appearance of the four car HO-100 trainset in the foreground.   That set in a four car version was only offered in 1938.   Bill also noted that the original display was made of cardboard and was assembled using slots and tabs.  He also noted that an actual cardboard roundhouse display recently sold on Ebay.  Click on the image to explore a larger version in detail.
Roundhouse display as packed
Roundhouse Display as Packed - Photo Courtesy of Bill Cucchi