American Flyer Displays & History (also .org & .com)

Now totally redesigned and better than ever, this is the site to go to for the best selection of Gilbert American Flyer Catalogs.  Extensive photo albums that are a real treat to browse.  It also features sections of Kris repaints and All Aboard Layouts.  A recent feature is kitbashing projects in "Stumpy's Station."

The Gilbert HO Index

The only comprehensive internet source of information on the HO trains manufactured by the A.C. Gilbert Co.  A great site, but I might be prejudiced because I'm the one who runs it.

The Gilbert Gallery

This site provides comprehensive coverage of both Gilbert and Lionel production from 1946 to present.  Look for the menu at the bottom of the pages.

Carl's S Gauge Empire

This site showcases Carl's fantastic S Gauge layout and also provides lots of technical information on both old and new flyer, including the TMCC operating system.

Paul Yorke's S-trains

This is the grand daddy of all the S sites you find on the web. You can find a lot of good information on this site.  The link above will take you to the Navigation page, the best place to start.


This website by the National Association of S Gaugers is extremely well done and provides a lot of information for both scale modelers and Flyer fans.  Best of all, it is always very up to date.

Train Collectors Assn.

Though mostly 3 rail oriented, there is a wealth of information on toy trains generally at this site, including videos and photos of the National Toy Train Museum.

TCA Members Page

The best part of this site is the full online access to the Train Collectors Quarterly, the best source of real scholarship on toy trains.   You have to be a member though.

A.C. Gilbert
Heritage Society

Not a lot of train related information here, but good coverage of the many other products of the Gilbert Co., especially Erector sets

Gilbert American Flyer Film
by Tom Barker

This is a professional quality film which tells the story of the A.C. Gilbert Company.   A must see for every Flyer fan.

by Bill Drake

A blog with interesting articles on American Flyer mechanical information and history

S Gauge Model Railroading
by Craig O'Connell


Norbert Doerry has created these two very thorough, but easily understood papers on these  electrical engineering issues in American Flyer trains.  His main AF related website is here.

Speed & Directional Control
of American Flyer Trains

Reverse Loops with American Flyer Trains

O Gauge Railroading S Gauge Forum

An excellent forum on S gauge products and collecting provided, ironically, by O Gauge Railroading Magazine

American Flyer Trains
on Facebook

Lots of interesting posts about American Flyer trains and layouts

Bristol S Gaugers

American Flyer S Gaugers of the St. Louis Area

Atlantic Coast S Gaugers

Badgerland S Gaugers

State-Line S Gaugers

Chicagoland S Gaugers

TCA - Western Division
An excellent website with extensive sections on product history and Western Division history


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