Stories from the Boxes

I have never been much of a box collector for a number of reasons.  First of all, they present significant storage issues but most importantly, that is not how I remember my trains from my childhood.   They were active trains that never saw the inside of the box after being liberated from it on Christmas Eve, 1951.  But who can forget the joy of that liberation, the opening of the box.  That part needs to be remembered.   Richard Trotter has helped us with that with his series of unboxing videos of the old sets that have come into his hands from his uncle Ray Mohrlang.  He does what we kids never would have done, he opens them slowly, looking carefully at each item contained in the set, making it a whole new experience.  He even pulls stories out of empty boxes in a particularly fascinating video highlighting the journeys some of these boxes have made.

The links below will take you directly to the unboxing videos on his YouTube Channel, Hall of Science West, but be sure to check out the other items on the channel by clicking on the link on the line above.

Unboxing Set 4619
Unboxing Set #4619 from 1947
Unboxing Set 4620A
Unboxing Set #4620A from 1948
Unboxing Set 5009
Unboxing a Never-Run #5009 342DC Electronic Switcher Set from 1950
Unboxing Set 5004
Unboxing and Operating the #5004 Switcher Freight Set from 1952
Unboxing Set 5205
Unboxing, Operation, & History of Set #5205, The Silver Streak
Unboxing Set 5585H
Unboxing a #5585H Santa Fe Diesel Freight Set from 1955
Operating Unboxed Set 5585H
Operating the #5585H Santa Fe Freight from 1955
Unboxing Set 20305
Unboxing Set #20305, “The Flying Freighter”
Stories from Empty Boxes
Stories from Empty Boxes