Finally, in 1953, Gilbert created the 790 (also marketed as a 791) Trainorama display. It wasn't a fully sceniced layout but it was three dimensional and went a long ways toward creating the illusion of a realistic setting for the trains. 

Trainorama Display
Trainorama - 1953
Illustration courtesy of Lonny Beno

Full View from Trainorama Dealer Brochure
Centerfold Illustration from D1706 Brochure
Courtesy of Lonny Beno

Trainorama Poster  Trainorama Dealer Brochure   Trainorama at The Gilbert Gallery 

Sets Containing the 790 (791) Trainorama Display

The 790 Trainorama Display was sold separately, but was also included in several sets, none of which were cataloged.  According to The Almost Complete Guide To American Flyer Sets, by Robert Tufts, these sets are shown below.
Set Number Rolling Stock Track Other Accessories

6SP (1953)

356 Silver Bullet, 606 AFL Crane, 607 AFL Boom Car

Over/Under Figure 8

747 Cardboard Trestle

11SP (1954)

356 Silver Bullet, 3-655 Silver Bullet Coaches, 636 Erie Flat, 613 Great Northern Boxcar

Over/Under Figure 8

747 Cardboard Trestle

109 (1955)

4778 Silver Flash AB, 928 New Haven Log Car, 929 Missouri Pacific Stock Car, 940 Wabash Hopper, 937 MKT Boxcar, 930 Caboose

60" Oval
(2 Straight each side)

795 Station & Terminal

117 (1955)

354 Silver Bullet, 2-955S Coaches

Over/Under Figure 8

747 Cardboard Trestle, 795 Station & Terminal

118 (1955)

287 Pacific, 941 Frisco Gondola, 923 Illinois Central Reefer, 925 Gulf Tank Car, 938 Caboose

Over/Under Figure 8

747 Cardboard Trestle, 795 Station & Terminal, 566 Whistling Billboard,

123 (1955)

326 Hudson, 928 New Haven Log Car, 936, 937 MKT Boxcar, 946, 925 Gulf Tank Car, 930 Caboose

70" Oval
(3 straight each side)


Very little documentation is available for the 6SP and 11SP sets other than newspaper ads for the retailers selling them.  All of these uncataloged sets were an attempt to unload excess inventory. Whether the inclusion of the Trainorama display was designed as an enticement to purchase the excess inventory, or was, in itself, excess inventory, is a question that remains.