Other Promotional Displays

These are the layouts built, or in some cases only envisioned, with product promotion in mind.  As to those built in the post World War II era, television was assuming a greater role in our lives and was rapidly being utilized to shape our product preferences.  Gilbert took full advantage of this new medium and some of the layouts discussed here were designed around television as part of early infomercials.  Others served to support conventional advertising.  Check out the examples below for some information, photos, and videos about them.

1956 Catalog Cover Layout Advertising Transparencies Boys Railroad Club
1956 Catalog Cover Layout  Advertising Transparencies  Boys' Railroad Club 
Complete Railroad System Eastern States Expoi Freedom Land
Complete Railroad System
Eastern States Exposition
Freedom Land 
Gilbert Goes Hollywood Industry's Open House Mystery Layout
Gilbert Goes Hollywood  Industry's Open House  Mystery Layout
N.Y. World's Fair-1939 Roar of the Rails Rotating Layouts
N.Y. World's Fair - 1939  Roar of the Rails Rotating Layouts
Shelburne Museum Other Promotional Displays  
Shelburne Museum  Other Promotional Displays