The New Haven Hall of Science

This could, perhaps, be termed the fifth Hall of Science.  After all, the products claimed to be "Developed at the Gilbert Hall of Science" and the factory is where this occurred.   For this reason, I have devoted a section to this "Hall of Science," complete with newly discovered photos of the showroom.

While the New York Hall of Science is foremost in our memories as the place of Gilbert Displays, we sometimes forget that Gilbert also had a showroom at the factory.   I believe that Gilbert really considered this a Hall of Science too, and even labeled it as such by a sign in the showroom designating it a "Hall of Science." 

In any case, the photos below show that this showroom, like the other Halls of Science, was designed in the Art Deco/Streamline Moderne style as shown by these photos from the Ray Mohrlang and Gary Baloun Collections.

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Factory Showroom 1

American Flyer Layout at Factory Showroom

Factory Showroom Display

Factory Showroom 2

Factory Showroom 3