New York - 2nd Floor GG1 Diorama - 1941-1949?
Small HO Layout in a window

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GG1 Kiosk diorama - 1941-1949

GG1 Kiosk on 2nd FloorThis kiosk was included as part of the 2nd floor sales area at the opening of the Hall of Science in 1941.   Since construction of the well known 2nd floor sales layout began in 1949, this kiosk could have lasted no later than that year.  The GG1 styling fit in well with the streamline moderne decor of the New York Hall of Science.  There was another GG1 kiosk on the first floor that served as an information booth.

Inside the kiosk was a simple HO diorama where trains could circle in front of a depiction of the A.C. Gilbert Company factory.  While we can't be sure it was an operating layout, that appears to be possible, with track circling in a hidden tunnel.  The Kiosk appears to be set out somewhat farther than cabinets, which probably have a depth of 2 feet, based on Gilbert's normal practice, which would allow room for the complete circle of track within the kiosk.  Gilbert had recently changed their HO curved track radius from 24" to 16" and one of the selling points was that a layout could be set up on a card table.