New York - 2nd Floor Layout - The Boys' Railroad Club

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Boys' Railroad Club Photo Album
left_tunnel_area_pre_circus left_tunnel_area_precircus oil_derrick_area
Left Tunnel Area Left Tunnel Area
at Night
Oil Derrick Area
freight_station_early_location erector_drawbridge drawbridge_up
Freight Station Drawbridge Drawbridge in Action
central_tunnels 3_level_crossing elevated_station_from_above
Central Tunnel Area 3 Level Crossing Elevated Station
from Above
elevated_station_arrival elevated_station_closeup elevated_station_at_night
Arrival at
Elevated Station
Elevated Station Close up Elevated Station
at Night
industrial_area_with_bkgr industrial_area_1_factory industrial_area_2_factories
Industrial Area with Backdrop Industrial Area
with 1 Factory
Industrial Area
with 2 Factories

Although the 2nd Floor layout at the New York Hall of Science was not open to the public, it was often used for advertising photos throughout the years of its existence.  The layout was constructed in late 1949 and early 1950 and the Boys' Railroad Club television show was probably the first such use of it.  While a studio layout was also used in that production, most of the train action took place on the 2nd floor layout.  What we can see in those shows is the layout as the finishing touches were being added.  These photos are probably earlier even than the photographs in the Buckage Collection.  With the permission of John Huster, who produced a videotape of all 6 episodes, I present a few still shots of various locations on the 2nd floor layout in this section.